Toy Story 3 (movie review)


I’d have to say straight off the bat, that apart from the original Star Wars trilogy, this is the only trilogy where I’ve loved every installment as a classic on it’s own back to back.

Toy Story 3 is indeed a "dream house" of a movie

It’s been a long time since Toy Story 2 – almost 11 years in fact since we saw Woody get rescued for the fanatical Al of Al’s Toy Barn fame. Andy, the young boy who owns the toys has grown up and is ready to go to college, and so the decision has to be made as to where to place the toys of his childhood, that have been left in a chest untouched for years. The toys end up at a pre-school, and, well let me just say that things are extremely different when they arrive there.

I won’t go into the movies plot any more than to say, the animation has matured with time from the last two movies, and 3D is not overbearing yet wonderful, there are many thrilling visual scenes, and the most emotional tug you’ve ever experienced in a Pixar movie yet – yes more than Nemo, Up and the other two. This episode in the trilogy had this reviewers 3D glasses fog up on more than one occasion.

Whilst the first 3/4 of the movie hits all the right marks with great humour (Don Rickles really stood out for me in the ensemble cast behind Hanks and Allen much more in this one, and Ken voiced by Michael Keaton had his moments…), a few scares (yup this one does get a little bit scary, but so was the first one with that kid Sid, remember him and his toys?), and some wonderful adventurous sequences, I must say, just be prepared for one of the most heart tugging last quarters of any animated film you’ve ever experienced.

This will be one of the best three films this year, and is easily the best film so far!


4 thoughts on “Toy Story 3 (movie review)

  1. true true one bucketfull of tears for real!i love it!!!!! i love mr potato he’s the best hahaha. and ken adds a lot of character too.

  2. Dude,

    didn’t know u did movie reviews!!
    I love ur perspective, i’m going to continue
    reading ur reviews, u write really well.

    Thanks for taking the time to review man!

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