The Josh and Neli Show #3 – Songs in the Key of Life

"Jesus is a friend of mine"...

Does music influence your mood or is it merely accompaniment for your life? What music would be on your soundtrack? Which is more important: heart or skill?

If you love good music or know people who do, this one’s for you…

We ask the hard questions about music today, and a lot of what you hear is not just for musicians. What makes good music, can often be applied to other areas of life! We talk everything from bad church music, to KRS One and Pete Rock, to Disco, to Pearl Jam, to selfish songwriting!

We still want to hear from you regarding a new name for our podcast! Are you feeling the “Heart Foundation”? Any other suggestions?

Song 1: Forward by Mali Music (from the Mali Music album “The 2nd Coming”)

Song 2: Love Like Crazy by Kierra Sheard (from the Kierra Sheard album “Bold Right Life”)

Song 3: You Are My Song by Fred Hammond and RFC (from the Fred Hammond and RFC album “Pages of Life”)

Click here to go to the podcast and download it – (DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE on the RIGHT in iTunes.)


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