Remakes I wouldn’t mind seeing… (just for fun)

Whut u talkin bout'?

Ok I’m a little frustrated that the last 4 movies that I’ve seen (5 if you count Robin Hood) are rehashes, or sequels. Has Hollywood really lost it’s imagination?

Though I’m yet to see “Karate Kid”, I did like the A-Team remix… For all of the reviews that said it was loud, brainless and way over the top – true to form wasn’t the original series that way anyway?

So here’s 5 remakes I’d love to see in no particular order, and the way I’d like to see em…

Different Strokes – Gary Coleman’s role (Rest in Peace) as Arnold should be taken by Tracy Morgan… I just wanna hear him say “Watch’ya Talkin bout Willis”. What would it be like if Simon Cowell played Mr Drummond?

Macgyver – Should just totally blow everyone’s mind and let Don Cheadle play the role.

Beat Street – All the surviving cast should have cameos, and it should be global, with the classic Roxy battle scene taking place at the Battle of the Year in Germany featuring LXD versus Gamblerz, and the finale featuring a rehashed version of T.R.O.Y. dedicated to Ramo (Ryan Gosling).

21 Jumpstreet: nuff said

Homey don't play dat...

Homey D Clown: I just wanna see him in a movie… maybe with the Rock?

what old movies or tv shows would you want to see remade?


2 thoughts on “Remakes I wouldn’t mind seeing… (just for fun)

  1. actually i was a fan of Airwolf. the chracter was a bit of a loner and an introvert but i think that added to the mystique compared to the flamboyant Knight Rider. the helicopter was pretty dope too.

    what about “I’m gonna get you sucka”?

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