My radio interview with an old friend…

Efeso Collins

Had the honour of being on my good friend, Efeso Collins radio show this afternoon to talk about what God was doing with Tina and I here in Singapore with our family, and the ministry work we’re involved in here. His show features on 531PI in NZ – a mainstay radio station regularly playing in most NZ Pacific Island homes.

I had a recording of the show I did on Garageband, but the audio is so embarrassing, I thought I’d leave it to your imagination as to what went down. It was just good to hear from my old friend again…

Efeso has been a friend for over 15 years, meeting at the University of Auckland, I’ve seen him go from the head of Pacific Students for Christ on the campus, (a ministry for Pacific Island students who are followers of Christ, which I was involved in and was instrumental in me coming to true faith in Christ… I led the ministry in 2000) to becoming the first Pacific Island student body president of the University, a post which former prime ministers and members of parliament have held.

Long story short, Efeso still remains very influential in the Pacific Island community, whether it’s in the media, in church circles, or in consultancy, or just helping others become great. Thanks Fes, for your inspiring example for all of us, I’m thankful for your deposit in me – may the LORD continue to bless leaders like Efeso who are exemplary in our P.I. community throughout Aotearoa and all over the planet!


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