The A Team (movie review)

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Genre: Action & Adventure
Grew up on this one… so I was looking forward to it despite what I’d heard from Mr T…

In the rehashed movie version, Hannibal (Liam Neeson) and his band of merry men, big man BA Barracus (Quinton “Rampage” Jackson), Face (Bradley Cooper) and the ever crazy Murdock (Shalto Copley – the show stealer for me: remember him from District 9?) are sent to go home from Iraq, when they discover that US money printing plates have been stolen, and need to be recovered. They find themselves caught in a web of corruption where they end up being blamed for playing a part in being corrupt and are stripped of their titles in the military. What will they do? Of course you can’t keep a good man lying down.

Though the movie is not perfect (Jackson is still coming into his own, but it’s hard to play a character that was so memorable as Mr.T’s version), but is definitely a ton of fun. Plenty of quick witty lines, and a ton of explosions, just like the original. Enter Jessica Biel who gives her best performance I’ve ever seen in a film, and you’ve got a check on the right side of memorable remakes. Definitely over the top – but I loved the over-the-top-ness about it…

If you are a fan of good fun action films, then this is one remake that you might turn your brain down a bit and turn up the laughs. Well worth checking out… Even if Brian Bloom is looking really old now…

Now where is that Macgyver remake?

(does contain a fair amount of violence, and a bit of offensive language)


One thought on “The A Team (movie review)

  1. Yeyah! one of my all time fave films or action films to date – hehe enough to get me buying seasons one and five (first and last) from the warehouse:-) packed with revelation and bullseye stuff. Admittedly, I’m a bit of a murdoch in the way I function kingdom stuff so I’m pleased that its portrayed in a way that ‘crazee’ is required in the team and to take care of business’. To borrow from my bro’s sharing the other day – got have that ‘mafia anointing’ to do about the fathers business. Praise God for he rules and reigns and in the A team and the A & O team (alpha n omega – haha dry!). Peace!

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