Surfing in the storms… (the amazing testimony of Bethany Hamilton)

I was in NZ in April for the ENlarge conference (the 10th anniversary of my sending church Every Nation Auckland) and got the chance to hear from one of the leaders in the body of Christ I really admire and have had the pleasure to spend time with, Pastor Norman Nakanishi, who is the Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Hawaii. He shared with us the story of Bethany Hamilton and her amazing testimony. Many may be familiar with her story, but this is the sort of hope that the world is crying out for despite what may seemingly look like hopelessness.

I’m so thankful for the example and testimony of Bethany Hamilton – that even when it doesn’t make sense, you still trust in the source of all hope.

On one level – not losing hope…

On a deeper level – being all that she was intended to be – a literal champion at what she loves.

On the deepest level – using her “champion-ness” as a platform of hope for others.

I’ll let this video speak for itself:


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