Fee – Hope Rising (album reviews)

Fee - Hope Rising

Genre: Worship

This quartet from out of Atlanta is led by Steve Fee, whom has been leading worship with student movements, most notably with Passion. The quartet is rounded out with guitarist Matt Adkins, bassist Heath Balltzglier, and drummer Brandon Coker. Their sound is definitely strongly anthemic.

I love this album as a worship leader – sure there are plenty of songs that you can imagine singing with your congregation if you’re in a contemporary environment. But deeper than that, the songs ring out strongly out of the recordings (definitely credit to the producers) to where this feels like a worship album recorded in a stadium filled with dedicated worshipers. That’s rear in a studio recorded worship album. This is that album that’ll get you amped in your worship experience. I’m just excited every time I pop this cd in, having had it for the last 6 months.

I’m not even gonna name songs, this one bumps all the way through. One of the better worship albums for quite some time, and I’ll definitely be looking out for more from Steve Fee and his band of merry men.



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