“Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary…” (15th Anniversary of ENCS)

Tina putting the finishing touches on the production number

Yup – that Sunday had me singin that Tony Toni Tone classic slow jam…

Well, this past Sunday the 30th of April 2010, we (Every Nation Church Singapore) celebrated the 15th Anniversary of our church with a special service. We had been working towards the service for quite some time, as we were launching our new church tagline “Many Cultures, One (1) Hope”.

We had the opportunity to release our new song to which the congregation really took to. The song is entitled “Hope of Every Culture” and the idea behind the song is that Jesus is LORD of every realm of culture, and Christ in us is the hope of glory. An acknowledgement of who he is as the “Master Visionary”, and declaration of our availability to be his instruments of “Vision Fulfillment”. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

Nazareth and Zion at the Anniversary

You’re the hope of every culture, the hope of every culture

Here I am, send me

Come fulfill Your dreams

It’s for freedom I am free

Come and shine that all may see

The Hope of the world

The singers of ENCS Music

A special combined presentation was done by the music, dance and multimedia ministry, which incorporated live instrumentation, video and dance depicting the different types of cultural approaches in glorifying God.

Then the message of the day was presented via video (see the links below) which was done by Arnie Manzano, and featured all of us pastors and a few church leaders, displaying the different aspects of Singapore culture (I covered God’s heart for the arts) and God’s heart to see them redeemed.

The Video message from the 15th Anniversary

can be seen here:

Part 1(intro featuring Larry Matsuwaki and Rachel Ong) Part 2 (featuring Charles Curtis and Neli Atiga) Part 3 (featuring ENCS JaM and Community Services) Part 4 (featuring Kenneth Wang and conclusion)

Singin Fred Hammond's "This is the Day" with ENCS Music

The day was indeed bittersweet though, with a few friends who were leaving Singapore to head back home. Of these friends included two very integral parts of our ENCS Music team: Angelene and Adelene Tjoandi. The young Indonesian sisters celebrated their last Sunday with us in style during this anniversary Sunday. They have been a God-send particularly in the area of vocals (both are also great worship leaders in our youth ministry), and Angelene’s wonderful chord interpretations on the keyboards.

We bid them farewell by sharing food, games, words of encouragement, and prayer for the sisters. Although I’m so thankful for the four years that they have been here, serving alongside us at ENCS MUSIC, I get a feeling we’ll see them again soon.

The congregation during the second service

the dancers

Praying for Angelene

Our new song - "LORD of Every Culture"

Parting words for Adelene


2 thoughts on ““Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary…” (15th Anniversary of ENCS)

  1. Thank God for using your lives to lift praises and thanksgiving for what He has done for the church.
    Thank you for sharing this because Every Nation Singapore is very dear to me. See you in my prayers church.

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