Catalyst Music Project (album review)

Catalyst Music Project

Genre: Worship

Catalyst has always been about leadership of a cutting edged kind. Their conferences in the U.S. have always been sought after by leaders in this generation. So for Catalyst to do an album the call was sent out for new worship songs to be written by some of the more influential worship songwriters of this generation. Billed as an album filled with “songs for the next generation… new anthems and worship songs being written on the hearts of our generation across this nation and around the world.”

Let me just say that I am a big fan of the production from Nathan Nockels – sonically it rings out beautifully in a anthemic yet current manner. The songs are wonderful too, and although ranging thematically (although the love of God is a heavy theme with great songs “Because of Your Love” by Miriam Ah Kuoi, “Won’t You be My Love” by Thad Cockrell, “Love is the Answer” by Rob Attaway). I would’ve loved to have heard an acoustic version of A Thousand Amens (Doxology) by Tim Timmons, which starts beautifully joyful, and drives in the chorus. Maybe I’ll try it out myself… Definitely feelin that “What A Savior” by Laura Story for church.

Definitely a great album of songs for worshipers and worship leaders who desire a catalytic to their psalms in this generations culture.



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