Happy Birthday Ms. Lauryn Hill…

It’s a good day – sun is shining… nice breakfast… Suns beat the Lakers…

Happy Birthday Ms Hill.

Today is Lauryn Hill’s birthday – she turns 35 (so we’re roughly the same age). I thought this interesting because as the proud owner of 4 copies of “The Miseducation…” (don’t ask me how they got to me, but let me say I only ever bought one copy) and the two Fugee albums, I would always be a big fan of the way she would outshine Pras and Wyclef on those tracks with her singing and her lyricism. It’s been 12 years since Miseducation won those Grammy’s, and although there have been glimpses and signs of a possible return (Dave Chappelle Block Party, the Unplugged 2.0 album, and a one off concert in NZ earlier this last summer!) and people who are fans of the hip hop of a conscious kind are still asking “when is Lauryn Hill (and D’angelo for that matter) coming back?”

Now I don’t endorse a lot of the lyrical content necessarily of Lauryn Hill, but when I’ve been asked what my new album will sound like when it comes out later this year, the best point of reference I can give them sonically is “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” for it’s consistent theme of the reflection of life, and it’s blend of lyrical driving hip hop and harmonic vocals. Remember y’all, that album is 12 years old though – that’s how relevant it still is. Either that, or hip hop just hasn’t grown much since then.

Christians in Hip Hop… this is our time!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear hip hop heads saying they are hungry for hip hop with a lot more depth than that which dominates the chart, I feel the burden to make sure that we as a people are not just reppin him with lyrical content but with solid delivery, not just with language that can only be understood on Sunday morning, but on a Saturday night as well…

Jin and redeemed Hip Hop in Asia

Speaking of the Fugees, remember that Wyclef produced jam “Speak Chinese” by Jin da MC – the Chinese rapper who schooled the competition on BET 106 and Park a number of times on their Freestyle Fridays contest, only to be signed to Ruff Ryders records (Swizz Beats, Eve, DMX). Well he’s a changed man – first of all he’s moved back to Hong Kong, and secondly he’s given his life to Christ! (Christians in Hip Hop in Asia reppin hard!). This is just a small slice of what God is about to do when real hip hop heads, bring their skills for the glorification of God. I’m comin Jin!

In the meantime, don’t forget to download Jin’s new mixtape here, and see what God has done in his life,  CLICK HERE…


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