Dorinda Clark Cole – Take it Back (album review)

Dorinda Clark Cole - Take it Back

Genre: Gospel

All of you who know gospel music will know the famous Clark sisters, which have become a dynasty beyond the famous Jackie, Twinkie, Karen and Dorinda… There is a new generation led by Kierra and J Moss, and since this new generation has emerged, we’ve found that there have been differing opinions as to how the “aunty’s” will adapt to the new scenery driven with a lot more of an RnB influence.

This album from the “Jazzy” Clark sister is an example of walking that balance between that traditional gospel music and the more RnP danceable driven sound. With most of the album produced by Asaph Ward who is well known for his lush arrangements, this album swings a bit more to the traditional side, with a more modern twist to the feel. PAJAM (Paul Allan and nephew J Moss) only produce one track which bumps nicely on this collection of songs. Ms Dorinda feels more comfortable than she has sounded for a while in this array of songs, and that’s a nice thing.



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