Paul Baloche – Glorious (album review)

Paul Baloche - Glorious

Genre: Worship

I’ve always dug Paul Baloche, because he is so unassuming (and that is a great thing), that the focus has to be on God. Not too much in the bells and whistles department (not to say his band ain’t kickin – they always are), just strong melodies and memorable lyrics packed with God glorification. For someone who came up listening to a ton of gospel music, Paul Baloche’s music over the last few years have ¬†provided a fresh break in my worship music repertoire from my norm. You had me at “Open the Eyes of My Heart”.

Enter Glorious – after celebrating 20 years of worship pastoring at his local church (Community Christian Fellowship in Lindale Texas), Mr Baloche releases this collection of recent songs within a sweet live environment of intimacy. Now, the word intimacy is not a word to be misinterpreted – the anthems are all here, from co-written songs with Brenton Brown, Michael W Smith (“A New Hallelujah”), and Lincoln Brewster (“Today is the Day” – a favourite at my local church, although I must say I favour Brewsters version a little bit more, but i’ll leave that for you to decide), Kathryn Scott and Brian Doerkson but to name a few. This is a wonderful album to sing along to, full of songs you can sing in any setting where God is worthy of praise, which pretty much covers everywhere… Oh and I’ve been singing the title track a fair bit around my office…

Congratulations to Paul Baloche for 20 years of fruitful worship ministry, “Glorious” is yet more fruit indicating that there’s more to come from this wonderful psalmist. Definitely a solid album.



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