Stryper – Murder by Pride (album review)

Stryper - Murder by Pride

Genre: Metal

The Yellow and Black Attack is back – after 25 years of bringing the noise, they celebrate by releasing this album “Murder by Pride” – Yup: 25 years to the date of the release of the classic debut. The big question has to be, the the boys from Stryper still have what it takes?

For those of us who grew up in the 80’s, this is going to hearken to the heydays of pre-grunge metal. So let me say then, if you loved metal before those bands from Seattle came and changed the game (for better or for worse – your answer will determine your age… haha!), then you’re going to love this album, because Stryper hasn’t changed a beat. From the opening blazing “Eclipse of the Sun”, to the power ballad “Alive”, to the cover of the Boston song “Peace of Mind” (complete with Tom Scholz from Boston dropping in) you know it’s on like Donkey Kong! Michael Sweet ain’t lost anything on the vocals and Oz Fox is still shredding like a legendary face-melter (to quote Jack Black).

It depends on you really, but hate it or love it, this is Stryper in true Stryper form!



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