8 Reasons Why I Love Tina (Sunday throwback post #3)

Originally posted 15/12/08

Me and my smokin' hot wife...

Thought I’d post this today – I see it fitting as it is mothers day! Something I posted a couple of years ago, but it still hasn’t changed, and doubt it will ever… Love you Tina!

I love Tina…

1) Because she is one of the most selfless people on the planet
2) Because she is stunningly beautiful
3) Because she can sing better than Mariah, Whitney and Celine combined
4) Because she is hilariously hilarious
5) Because she is the most accurate mirror I have in my life
6) Because she doesn’t mind that her husband is ghetto, and hooks up the best meals to suit my ghetto tastes, puts up with my ghetto ways
7) Because she has amazing friends and family whom I have claimed as my own

8) 8 Because she blessed me with the best babies in the world

I love you Tina and thank God every day for you…
Like the great Ancient Greek philosopher Beyonce said:

“If you like it then you should put a ring on it…”

So glad I did… Woooh oooh oooh…



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