Brenton Brown – Adoration

Brenton Brown - Adoration

Genre: Worship

Brenton Brown – orginally from South Africa, studied at Oxford and encountered the Vineyard movement there(like Vicky Beeching) and is now based in California (Malibu to be exact – what a wonderful spot to be inspired to write worship music?). Without going into too much detail, let me just say that Mr Brown has had to go through quite a few transitions in his life, and it’s evident that the songs that he has been writing on previous projects, like the popular Everlasting God album, have come from a deep place.

This album is no different – the earnestness is reflected with strength in Brown’s tone, and although not all the way through this album, I think there are moments (“All Who Are Thristy” had me right there with him adoring God) Brown has captured what many have struggled with in studio worship projects – compelling the involvement of the listener to worship God with moments of lingering and free singing of worship. I wish there were more moments like this in the album, and in worship albums in general.

For worship leaders there’s plenty of stuff to take to church, and the arrangements are fun on this album too – favourites would be the title track, the Paul Baloche assisted “Because of Your Love”, “Gloria” (this would be fun to sing in church – I can imagine a few of my uncles pulling out spoons to play on their knees), “Wonderful”, “Amazing God” to name but a few. I’m feeling that banjo too…

Another wonderful collection of strong songs of worship from Brenton Brown.



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