for Haiti: Sing a new song…

Me and the men that helped make it happen: pstr Pacer Tan (Lighthouse Evangelism), pstr Daniel Chua (The City Church) and Mark Chew Suhon (ENCS)

On Friday 30th of April came the realization of the wonderful answer to an ambitious question: What can we as the Body of Christ do to help the nation of Haiti, a nation that after already being in turmoil economically, was sent into one of the worst natural disasters in that regions history: On the 24th of January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit with its epicentre near the town of Leogane, and only 25 kms from Port-Au-Prince leaving over 230,000 dead and over a million homeless.

Pstr Pacer Tan of Lighthouse Evangelism and Pstr Daniel Chua of The City Church over coffee envisioned holding a concert where money could be raised to help the relief efforts via World Vision. It would be called: Let Haiti Sing Again. Youth More Than Gold planned it, Lighthouse Evangelism opened up their doors to their beautiful Woodlands auditorium. Churches and youth groups made it publicly known, as the concert received support from Integrity Music, Oops Asia and Beep Music. It was looking great!

I must admit – we were latecomers to the party, and by that time all the performance slots were taken. We were willing to serve in whatever other ways were made available to us, I mean, who wouldn’t with a great cause like this right? We were asked though to sing as a part of the concert later, and what an honour it was. I made a few calls to my ENCS Music peeps and we rounded up a solid team to participate in what would be a very significant night for me.

Shout out to my ENCS Music people who came through to help out: Mike Blanding, Gay De La Cerna, Abiel Pascual, Nate Curtis, Cherry Apas, Lemuel Estigoy, IlyMark Maniano, Joy Talavera and of course my beautiful wife, Tina who was willing to come out to help us sing over Haiti. Also shout out to my man pstr Josh Harris who’s offered to be a part of helping the YMTG movement on our behalf.

The concert turned out to be a very worshipful one, and I must say, that it was a very special night for quite a few reasons – the main reasons for me were:

a) what an honour to serve in this capacity with the rest of the Body of Christ in Singapore

b) within the Body of Christ are some great friends, some old, some new. Just some wonderful people that I love to hang out with, work with, and make lovely music with.

c) Theological differences aside, we found unity a couple of key areas: 1) we love the arts as a means of worship, and  2) we all see compassion as an extension of worshipping God. (I can explain that in another blog)

Anyways – let me just say that there was almost $100,000 raised in the concert for the World Vision relief efforts in the nation of Haiti that night (we will continue to pray for that nation!), and what’s more – it was a team effort.

It would go amiss for me to not say something about the special sense of God’s pleasure upon us as we unified to bring Him glory and to pray for Haiti. It was just different that night – have you ever worked with someone for the first time, and it just feels like you’ve known them and how they work like you were born together? Kinda like that here – only more about Jesus.

shout out to our friends from Beep Music, Integrity Music, Oops Asia, Andrew Yeo from the City and all the churches that were involved (particularly Lighthouse Evangelism that hosted us!)

Adam Longfield rehearsing with Douglas Yeap the theme song for the night...

Dress Rehearsing "Hear My Cry" with Mike, Gay and Joy

The performers and ministers on the night from churches all over Singapore…

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