Vicky Beeching – Eternity Invades (album review)

Vicky Beeching - Eternity Invades

Genre: Worship

What I love about British worship leader Vicky Beeching is that she is a young theologian, and her worship songwriting comes out of a deeper understanding of who God is (She is an Oxford theology grad). A musician shaking her tambourine at the age of 3 with her mum leading worship, she received her training under Brian Doerkson and Brenton Brown at Oxford Vineyard.

Now based in Nashville, Tennessee – she releases her 5th project (3rd full length album) “Eternity Invades”. This album definitely showcases a maturity in Ms Beeching’s songwriting from “Yesterday, Today and Forever”, a sometimes coveted depth that is best described as being raw and earnest. This is best displayed in songs like “Wonder of the Cross” (what a wonderful modern hymn), “Emmanuel” and “Glory to God Forever” – songs that I know could easily be sung in congregations throughout this nation as melodic corporate prayers. But I love the intensity of the word selection on songs like “Break Our Hearts”:

It’s Time for us to live the songs we sing, and turn our good intentions into action

To bring the kind of worship you desire, and move beyond our self-absorbed distractions

I love Vicky Beeching’s heart towards worship and the role it plays in things like injustice and a deepening of intimacy and revelation of who God is, so with that in mind, what works against this album, as with most studio worship albums that I’ve found in my humble opinion, (and this is purely subjective), is the polished nature of the production. I won’t say anything more because it is such a trend in CCM and worship music to have that polished sound (I’ll blog about that at some point). I just get the feeling that if it had been a bit more raw, it would’ve suited Vicky Beechings unadulterated raw worship. Don’t get me wrong – the production is wonderful if you love your music polished, and I do like my music polished, but although some may like their worship music this way, but I have a tendency not to favour the varnished sound when it comes to raw worship music.

Having said that, I’d love to hear these songs in the raw live context. Ms Beeching please do a live version or a dvd!

Yup the word for today is “raw”.



3 thoughts on “Vicky Beeching – Eternity Invades (album review)

  1. hey! i have her previous album.. “yesterday,today..”
    and my wife and I said the exact same thing…
    the whole studio thing just doesn’t work.

    it sounds like a poor attempt to be “driving music” when it could’ve instead been a successful attempt to be live worship… i dunno i just like worship albums more when they’re live…

  2. I am really loving that you do album reviews Neli. It keeps me informed on new stuff to look out for. Gotta listen to some of her tracks on this album to know what you mean. I like her hair though!

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