Deluge – Unshakable (album review)

Deluge - Unshakable

Genre: Rock/Worship

Straight out of the Baton Rouge area and more specifically, from Bethany World Prayer Center (pstr Larry Stockstill – remember The Cell Church?) comes Deluge. Led by Jonathan Stockstill, their debut album was a live project that firmly established them as a worship band to look out for (I still find myself singing the ever melodic “Open Up the Sky” in my personal time of worship and reflection from the first album). I was really looking forward to hearing what they would come with next.

From the get go you just know that you are in for something different – the band has definitely matured musically. This album has more of a polished yet complex texture to it (I really dig what Andrae Harrison freaks with that drum pattern and Jonathan Stockstill does with that keyboard riff on Deeper). The messages of the songs are still so earnest lyrically, yet I could easily hear the possibility of songs like “Refuge”, “Sing of the Blood” and “Overjoyed” becoming anthems in churches. Deluge manages to walk the line of intricate beauty and corporate approachability like they were born to do it – a line most worship bands find hard to tread. ¬†Oh and of course the final track “Let’s Worship” with Kari Jobe is a call to honest and receptivity to the love and acceptance of Christ – a much needed message for the hearts of Christ worshipers, especially in these parts.

This is indeed a solid album from Deluge, where growth both musical and maturity in Christ is evident.



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