Sho Baraka – Lions and Liars (album review)

Sho Baraka - Lions and Liars

Genre – Hip Hop/Rap

I don’t even think that I need to review this, with my former posts here regarding the release date, and the new podcast (which I recommend for all urban Christians who have a heart to reach those in the culture), if you’ve been following my blog for a minute, you’ll know I am digging this album in a major way. In my humble opinion, this is one of the most important Christian hip hop albums of all time, and here’s why:

Sho Baraka tackles the subject matter with grace and poise in such a way that those from outside of “churchianity” will know what he’s talking about. His flow is fluid, and it is always displayed best when he spits his best metaphoric game – best displayed on the introduction (still has me throwin my “l’s” up) and even the “Kobe Bryant on em” remix with K Drama. More than that Sho tackles topics that are hot subjects outside of the church in that manner on tracks like “I’m Black”, “It’s My Life” with Pro, “Oh Well” and “Revolutionary Died” which talks about the endangered species of real men.

The album is not perfect – but almost – although it’s pretty solid and well rounded with it’s production, I believe that it will be tough for a particular audience to really dig the beats throughout, because the spectrum is so broad sonically from that southern crunk, to that west coast bump, to that which is more experimental (anyone else feeling what could’ve been but not quite feeling “Me Myself and I”?). There are also songs you wish that you could’ve gotten more from Sho with all the features on the album. Oh, but I must say that the features show some shine too – (did Tedashii do to Sho on ITWNOI what Em supposedly did with Jay on his own album? Ooooh…)

Oh and the Michael Jackson references…

But with the danger of sounding nit-picky, I’m just going to stop and say that if you know someone who likes their hip hop a bit more conscious than average – this is an answer to prayer for all of us… THIS IS CLASSIC NONE THE LESS – Get em Sho!

Click here to check out Sho’s friends review of “Lions and Liars” – they kept it 100 with him right there!



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