21:03 – Total Attention (Album Review)

21:03 - Total Attention

Genre: Gospel/RnP (Rhythm and Praise)

Evin, Jor el and Torrence hail from Detroit, Michigan, and their name (like Trinitee 5:7) does come from Scripture references in Genesis, Psalms and Revelations (21 Jan 2003 – it’s actually also the date that the vision came for the group to the legendary RnP production team PAJAM – Paul Allen and J Moss). With this project (it was released in 2008, their new album is about to come out, but I just got a hold of this one! Bring on that new joint!) their aim was to wake up younger generations, and consider the fact that Jesus is about to return.

When I first heard em, I thought they sounded like a young Men of Standard especially with that PAJAM connection – With production from PDA and J Moss, you know you’re gonna have the urbanized young ones prick their ears up – the arrangements are as slick as we’ve come to expect from the PAJAM crew. As per most albums that J Moss is associated with, he features on this one frequently with the lads, and the result is mostly nice – he doesn’t steal the shine from 21:03. The album opens lovely with an ode to the classic “Riverside” done in meticulous a capella ala Take 6 – definitely a highlight. Of course with a feature from Fred Hammond and Smokie Norful on “Cover Me” never goes amiss. The strength of this album is definitely the bangers that would stand up in any club or dance party – I’ve been rocking the title track in my iPod for over a year now, as well as “Talkin’ Bout” and “U Got Me Through”. But with the danceability of most tracks comes almost a need for more heart and depth – I may be wrong, but as a musician – it’s kinda hard to pour your heart on anything faster than 115 bpm.

If your son can’t stop wrecking all of your furniture with his imitation b-boy pop and lock moves he saw from a Justin, Omarion or Usher video clip – throw this on. Hopefully the messages will get his Total Attention.

(Oh and look out for their new album – coming soon…)



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