Fred Hammond – Love Unstoppable (Album Review)

Fred Hammond - Love Unstoppable

Genre: Gospel/Worship

I’m risking being biased on this review: I grew up on Fred. Been listening to him since the Commissioned days over 20 years ago, when I first starting buying my own Christian music. Seen him develop into a wonderful worship songwriter, in fact, he is the most influential psalmist in the body of Christ when it comes to the way that this songwriter has come up. What I’ve loved about Fred, is that he has successfully melded contemporary Gospel with worship, and was the first one to do it since Andrae Crouch in the 70’s, thus ushering the way for people like Israel Houghton, Tye Tribbett etc. to bring fresh rhythmic arrangements to worship music.

Enter Fred Hammonds latest offering – Love Unstoppable. This is his first album since Free to Worship, which marked his migration from Detroit down to Texas. He has since started the great concept of Warehouse Worship, recording his live music and videos from within what looks like a warehouse.

The songs on this album are wonderful. I felt like they were a lot simpler than what we’ve come to expect from Fred on tracks like “Nobody like You” and “Lord How I Love You”, who is known for his heart wrenching honesty, and not that these tracks aren’t honest (especially on “Lost In You Again” and “Best Thing To Happen To Me”). Those who are venturing worship leaders with capable bands should get “Find No Fault” and the classic “Awesome God” (this song gets regular play when I’m driving down Singapore’s KPE tunnel blasting – that Calvin Rodgers is a beast on em drums!). Of course the fun – “They That Wait” with the legendary John P Kee is also on this project too. If it’s been a while since you got your praise on, do yourself a favour and get yourself this album.



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