Tal and Acacia – Wake Me (album review)

Tal and Acacia - Wake Me

Genre: Pop

Tal and Acacia are sisters from a Christian family that hail from Portland, Maine. They’ve been writing since their childhood, and now in their twenties have created an album that is very fresh in Christian music. Their musical influences vary from Feist to Keith Green to Stevie Wonder, and believe me when I say that the joyfulness in each writers influence on these sisters is evident.

I really like this album, sonically it felt like waking up on a good morning after a good nights rest, feeling fresh, in the vein of a happy Lily Allen or a more snappy Corrine Bailey-Rae. This is best reflected in songs like “Clearview” and “Top Priority”. The most melodramatic they would get would be reflected in songs like “Garbage In” and is still relatively upbeat in comparison to most of what’s out there. At just over half an hour, it’s just enough aural sweetness without rotting your teeth. Well worth a listen.


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