ENlarge through my four eyes – (Every Nation Auckland’s 10th anniversary)

Just before I left for NZ - our first family picture taken at the Airport by Lorie...

It was initially very hard to leave my family – my wife had just given birth to our beautiful son Zion three weeks ago, but when my old pastor Ken Dew called me the day before he was born, he said that if Zion was to be born soon after that call, would I consider coming through to NZ. I said I’d still have to ask my wife.

Long story short, Zion was born the next day. God provided. I got the all clear from my boss aka Pstr Larry Matsuwaki here in Singapore. It was all systems go…

To put it succinctly, let me copy what I wrote to my ministry partners to describe what happened this weekend to impact me:

This last weekend I had the honour of participating in the 10th Anniversary of the church that sent me to Asia to be a missionary, the church where I first started in full time ministry – Every Nation Auckland. It’s hard to believe that the church is 10 years old now, and to see all that God has done.

Pastor Ken Dew and my dad Rev Maliumai Atiga

It was a great chance to catch up with friends old and new, and also to see my pastor and his wife, Pstr Ken and Renee Dew who were and still are instrumental in mentoring me as a young minister of the faith.

with Pstr Norman Nakanishi before we both flew to Sydney

What a wonderful opportunity I had to hear from such wonderful pastors who have also become mentors over the years like Sam and Nancy Webb from Guam, John Rohrer from the U.S and Norman Nakanishi from Hawaii. All of these men and women have been wonderful in playing a part in my ministerial life.

Leading worship with my old worship team - PURPOSE DEFINED WADDUP!

The two highlights for the conference were of course leading worship with my old worship team, who are now led by my brother in law and my sister. They have taken the team way beyond where it was when I was around. To spend time with them and my mum is always a treat.

Don’t forget to vote for PURPOSE DEFINED in the Pacific Music Awards here.

with Stephen Mansfield

The second highlight for me was to hear from Dr Stephen Mansfield – a NY Times Bestselling list author, who now has so much favour in the U.S. government as somewhat of a consultant on religious affairs and the like. Hearing him talk about the church and culture impacted me deeply, and I’m still chewing on what I’ve learnt.

I’ll post what I got from the time with Stephen Mansfield when I get a chance. In fact what happened was I left my Moleskine at the hotel during the breakfast that he spoke at. His talk about the work culture of Guiness (yes the beer company) had me so blown away, I left my notes, and yes, my lyrics for my new album, on the podium that day.

A very monumental weekend it was for me. I do believe that the best is yet to come for EN Auckland – we ain’t seen nothing yet.


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