Streamlining Your Life

Every felt like life has gotten on top of you in an overwhelming manner?

On Wednesday, I got together with the Kree8 collective to discuss what helps us as artists and creative people to stay fresh, and allow for a sense of excellence, efficiency and refinement in utilizing our natural abilities at an optimum level. Thought I’d share the 7 main thoughts we came up with here:

Get up early to get your orders: Staying up late to waste time is pointless. There’s nothing like waking up early in the morning to get a sense of what lies ahead for the day. Prayer and listening for the heart of God are beneficial, but it’s his empowerment and  his grace to live that are essential at the start of the day.

Make a schedule and a to do list for the day and know the difference between the two. Schedules generally are more for meetings, “to do lists” are almost always for tasks. Confuse the two, and you could be in for an life without streamlining.

Stay healthy: This enables you to perform with optimum energy and rightness-of-mind, so you not only have the time to do what you need to do, but you have the focus to do it with precision.

Say “no” when you really can’t do something: That great philosopher Tina Turner said it best when she sang “We don’t need another hero”. Be willing to cry out like Karyn White and admit it when you can’t do a task “I’m not your superwoman!”

Don’t take your work home: I’m not talking to students who have homework, I’m talking to those people who work a job. When you get home, give your full attention to your family, and to enjoying rest just as hard as you work.

Leave room for “life” to happen: Because it will happen. Grace, grace…

Stay prayed up and in His presence: Learn to live at a level where God leads you and guides you in each conversation, in each project you put your hands to, and in every email you send. Let him fill you with his words, his wisdom, and his capacity to love those whom you come into contact with. Watch Him do stuff in your life. It’s the adventure you were born to live in and live out!

Any other thoughts?


One thought on “Streamlining Your Life

  1. hello Pastor neli,

    thank you for words of encouragement. i saw the message in twitter and FB and decided to give it a try and see what u are saying. I feel encouraged. i need to Let GOD guide me. period.

    thanks again,

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