Rend Collective Experiment – Organic Family Hymnal (album review)

Rend Collective Experiment - ORGANic* Family Hymnal

Genre: Worship

Rend Collective Experiment are an interesting bunch of friends hailing from Bangor, Ireland, who find commonality in trying to “figure out  life, God and community”. The term Organic in the album title is used to reflect “an honest and natural connection with God, something which is authentic and not artificial”. They use the term “collective” in their band name, because they are more of a “family” and these are “hymns” coming from the “journeys and experiences with Jesus”. Redefining things? I think so…

So what of the music? I hate to put labels on anything, so I won’t say they are “experimental worship”, especially when the wonderful sounds they utilise range from glockenspiels to full horn sections. Let me just say it is wonderful music, that indeed reflects the aforementioned journey. I really dug the album, and although there were mixed results musically in my ear (the horns at the start of “Faithful” lead it in one direction, and the song takes another when the vocals of David Crowder show up, but “Movements” is an instant fun classic in my book) understanding their heart to try new musical liberties reflective of their in the worship of King Jesus is what stands out the most. This is what is commendable and what I enjoy the most.


(reviewers disclaimer here)


One thought on “Rend Collective Experiment – Organic Family Hymnal (album review)

  1. Neli, I’m with you in your take on Rend Collective. Had a hard time putting my finger on it, and I was puzzled with the horns too! 😉 I’ve not had a chance to listen more closely, not sure if the songs will be congregational though, at least in the local S’pore context… But definitely a new kind of sound.

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