Ashmont Hill – (album review)

Ashmont Hill - Ashmont Hill

Genre: Worship

Ashmont Hill hail from Boston, U.S.A. and consist of three bishop’s children from the Thompson family:  Phil Thompson, April Joy Thompson, Deborah Bullock and her husband Wil Bullock. Though they have been labelled “Pop Worship”, I’d beg to differ. I’ll get to why later, but let me say I’m blessed by the heart of their music aimed to inspire people “vertically” (in relationship to God) and “horizontally” (towards each other).

Being that I can list studio worship albums that I like with the fingers on two hands, I personally think that this is one of the best studio worship albums to come out in a while. Not too overly pristine where the listener feels like a specatator to musicianship, and not too “unlive” that it feels disconnected from any audience, there is enough of an invitational pull within the song selection, arrangement, and earnesty for it to feel worshipful. The harmonies are wonderful, and best displayed in “I Live to Worship You”, “Gifted Response” and their wonderful arrangement of “Blessed Be Your Name” (our church has been singing “Song of Glory” for a while from this album). With one of my favourite drummers Marvin McQuitty doing his thing foundationally, it’s just great all around. I was reminded of the Anointed album “The Call” when I heard it – this is for those who’ve missed solid melody and harmony work in their worship music.


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