Could this be the most significant day in history for…?

… Christian Hip Hop or HHH or Holy Hip Hop?

Let’s look at the month of March firstly: Dwayne Tryumf

If you haven’t heard already, this has already been a significant month with the release of the long awaited Dwayne Tryumf album “777 – Mark of the Peace”… You may remember Dwayne Tryumf from his verse on Lecrae’s “Don’t Waste Your Life”, where he ripped the song to shreds. Here’s the intro to his album and you’ll see what I mean:

K Drama

Mr “Air Jordan On Em” released his mixtape called “For the Longest Time” as well, which features one of the most catchiest songs ever in Christian Hip Hop – check out the Ren and Stimpy sample:

But it’s the 30th of March…

Sure Ms. Badu has a new album… but this is not about her and the anti-groupthink movement. This is about something much more significant.

Firstly there’s Rhema Soul!

Rhema Soul released their awaited album “Fingerprints” today, and basically, if you love to move, or love that hip hop that really bumps – this is one album you need to get. Dope beats, dope emceeing, great album! I can’t stop nodding my head to “Blow Your Whistle!” Here’s an interview with them regarding their new album…

my most anticipated album in a LONG TIME – “Lions and Liars” by Sho Baraka

You may remember I referenced Sho Baraka here with regards to his new podcast. Well his long awaited album is finally out today on the 30th, and already it’s NUMBER 3 on the iTunes Hip Hop and Rap Charts… I hope that cat that’s about to purchase that Lil Wayne joint, will consider this one instead.

Let me tell you though, apart from obviously being a rapper representing Christ, he is one of the best emcees in the game – period. This could possibly be a pivotal moment in Christian hip hop, and in Christian music in general, and I have no doubt in my mind, that Lions and Liars will be in everyones list of Holy Hip Hop classics of all time.

I just emptied the last of my iTunes credit… U.S. iTunes cards in Singapore anyone?

Pray for our genre, and all who represent Jesus in Hip Hop, and those involved in urban ministry.


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