I am not Filipino… (Throwback Post #2)

Manny Pacquiao

As a tribute to my beautiful wife as she gives birth to our son, and the beautiful people of the Philippines, we remember you in our prayers hearing about the earthquake earlier today

These are snippets from a post from February 2008 that I posted about the wonderful time that I had in the nation of the Philippines! I post them here as a tribute to my Pinoy people, especially the beautiful one about to give birth to our son! Grabe naman!

1) “I AM NOT FILIPINO!” I don’t want to offend anyone, actually I am honoured to be considered Pinoy, but to have EVERY customer services officer (from the flight attendants heading there, to the ones heading back) that I encountered initially engage me in Tagalog, made me feel so bad I didn’t know how to speak any Tagalog. There were a couple of times when I said “I don’t speak Tagalog”, only to have the person serving look at me as if I was less of a filipino for not understanding the language. I felt awkward for not being something that they assumed I was not. GO FIGURE!

2) WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME ABOUT CHICKEN INASAL BEFORE? Forget Jollibee, this is the way chicken should be done. Reminiscent of the good ol Nando’s that I miss…throw in some good ol garlic rice and of course my essential ripe mango shake, and you’ll be right as rain and Bob’s your uncle! The bomb…

Chicken Inasal

3) FILIPINO’S LOVE BASKETBALL and WRESTLING It was so good to see some classic wrestling matches from the 80’s when I used to love wrestling featuring old heroes like the Junkyard Dog, Bret Hart, the Von Erich’s and the Road Warriors on day time television. And then of course Bautista is a filipino beast at the top of the wrestling elite today (I’m not into wrestling anymore since the Rock left the WWE). I’m just amazed at how much time and energy goes into basketball in the Philippines, it’s like Singaporeans and the Premier League.

We’ve got to see more pinoy’s in the NBA though – for a country so basketball mad! Oh well, GO PACQUIAO!

What do you love about the Philippines?


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