The disciplines of leading worship

I’m in the midst creating a handbook for worship leaders and teams, not only as a guide for our team here at ENCS MUSIC, but also to help musicians and singers who engage in music ministry, no matter what their context is. One of the chapters I’m writing is about practices that a worship leader should exercise in regularity.

I was inspired though by a particular section in a book aptly named “Worship Team Handbook” by the Urbana Worship Team Members (highly recommended for any ministering musician in any church) I came across a wonderful article by Andy Crouch entitled Spiritual Disciplines for Worship Leaders. Here I’ll highlight 3 of the 6 tips that Mr Crouch gave that were great insights for me:

Don’t just lead, be led in worship:

Crouch suggests the ideal ratio to be two to one. So for every two times you lead worship (or preach for that matter), have one time where you’re led. This is to avoid burnout and promote spiritual health. I would go further to say it also increase the capacity of humility, not always being the one that people will rely on to “bring it”.

Now as I mentioned, this is an ideal. So if this is not yet the practice, this is definitely something to work towards.

Practice your insturment

As unspiritual as it may seem, sometimes the discipline of practicing your instrument (and that includes vocals) can be the most non-gratifying experience, at least instantaneously. The reward comes though, when you are being led to do things spontaneously, or new songs that stretch the capacity of your musicianship, because you have practiced, you bring excellence to your worship.

Worship is the declaration of dependence on God.

Spend time with people in need

Worship according to Crouch, is a declaration of total dependance on God. To spend time with those in need: the marginalized, the children, the incapable and the like; is to learn some of the best lessons of pure worship from those who are utterly dependent on God. Sacrificial giving is a great way also to learn new levels of trust in God.

Any other tips you have on disciplines for worship leading?


4 thoughts on “The disciplines of leading worship

  1. Another tip:
    Worship Jesus with your whole life, not just when you’re on stage with the mic. Jesus’ grace empowers us to do so, but only if we recognize our need for, and have the desire to worship Him 24/7.

  2. Greetings Ps Neli,

    Always like the word – DISCIPLINE.

    Like to share a quotation that changed my life in the ministry of worship:

    “To The Degree That You Are Willing To Discipline Your Life, God Will Be Able To Accomplish His Desired Plan For You … To Bring To Pass Those Desires That He Has Placed In Your Heart, And To Bring About Those Things For Which You Are Believing Him. It Doesn’t Happen Merely Because God Said It Was Going To Happen. A Lot Depends On You And Me.” – The 2nd Flood by John W. Stevenson

    My input would be – Be Disciplined To BE A Lifestyle Worshiper.
    As worship leaders our role to to draw out, to inspire, to facilitate, to encourage & to support true worship – leading by example.

    “If You Cannot Worship God In The Midst Of Your Responsibilities On Monday, Then It Is Very Unlikely You Were Worshiping God On Sunday!” – A.W. Tozer

    “Worship Is Not Something We Do, It Is A Lifestyle We MAINTAIN! Worship As A Way Of Life Goes Beyond Formulas And Techniques.” – John W. Stevenson


  3. Great stuff pastor! really inspired by what you are doing with your team! Worship is such a beautiful encounter! Life is worship to God! Thanks bro! stay in touch!

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