Kora shuts Singapore down…

I’m currently working on a song based on a CS Lewis essay I read a while back, but thought I’d take a break and write about the highlight of my day today… I figured since my fellow kiwi Brooke Fraser has already written her CS Lewis song, I’m a make my one straight gangsta, or as they say back home “gangs”. I just gotta say I was mad inspired by what happened today…

Welcome to the Lion City, Kora.

So back to my highlight – I just got home this evening from seeing the NZ band Kora tear up the closing of the Mosaic Music Festival tonight. The Kora brothers left the Singaporean audience breathless, wondering what it was they just experienced?

You see for the most part (and it’s not just a Singaporean thing), we like our music categorized. Here’s the thing though, when a band like Kora comes along, (and believe me, they’re not the only ones) you cannot categorize them, other than to say, it’s just great Kiwi music. And Kora brought it tonight – tighter than elephants in lycra, and full of stage presence!

So what’s so good about NZ music

I’ve always tried to explain to people why I love NZ music. The best way to describe it, is to say it’s organic, and the images I get when I hear great NZ music brings memories flooding back of how beautiful our country is. So when I saw Kora on the Mosaic menu, I knew I had to be there – I just wish that I could’ve taken just one of my friends (although my man Clement went through later and couldn’t stop raving about them). Now we (being NZ musicians in general – including myself) all may not subscribe to the same stances on certain things, whether faith, politics, theories etc, but music and All Blacks rugby in NZ have always been the great equalizers.

But there’s even more to the highlight…

I felt like tonight, people of Singapore heard the essence of good Kiwi music in hearing Kora, and judging by the crowds response, they got it. One guy in particular got it, and got it good:

I left the Esplanade tonight with a sense of kiwi pride resonating in my heart. A Californian came up to me afterwards thinking I was Kora’s manager asking what had just happened. I told him – you just experienced NZ.


One thought on “Kora shuts Singapore down…

  1. dang. that’s called “droppin’ like it’s hot” in NZ. i should have gone there instead of watching liverpool drop it like it’s hot potato. : /

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