Are you a hater or a celebrator? (Dora and the book of Luke)

Swiper no SWIPING!!!

Just thought I’d share something that I’m learning in scripture and discovering comparing two types of people: Haters and Celebrators.

Basically I am reading through Lukes’ didactic account of the life of Christ and am amused by seeing these religious folk constantly bombarding him at the conclusion of the great things that he did. These people just HATED him.

Here’s 3 brief comparisons between haters and celebrators, and in comparing, hopefully you can see yourself on the right side of the ledger. If not, hopefully you will be humble enough to not “slap the mirror” and make the necessary adjustments (and pray the necessary prayers).

  1. Haters are always one step behind the Celebrators – there is no need for the Hater to go in front of the Celebrator, their sole objective is to ruin any celebrations that the Celebrators have. Basic creed of the Hater “if I’m gonna have a bad time, we’re ALL gonna have a bad time”. If there was no celebration, Haters would have nothing to hate! – Celebrators response: Keep on celebrating, don’t be discouraged or let Haters rain on your parade. Life was meant to be celebrated.
  2. Haters take pride in non participation – you’ve heard these Haters – just ask them “Did you attend the _____ concert?”, “Have you seen the new ______ movie?” ” Do you follow American Idol?”. A Celebrator would merely say “no” if they didn’t and possibly ask the persons thoughts on whatever it was. The Hater will give you a dissertation on why they proudly didn’t participate in the demoralization of their pop cultural swagger.
  3. Celebrators read this and see possible areas of improvement. Haters read this, give it props, but think it’s definitely for somebody else. Or they just hate it.

I’ve been watching a lot of Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr shows lately because my daughter loves certain shows. I’m reminded of the character Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer. This fox is constantly on the hunt to steal things from Dora and her good friend Boots the monkey, to make their lives difficult as they are trying to finish their mission. Swiper is the perfect personification of the Hater.

Just like Dora’s theme song says to Swiper and to all our “Hateristic” tendencies:

“Swiper no Swiping, Swiper no Swiping!”

(for Scriptural context check out Luke 5:17-26 for starters)


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