Inspiration is Fleeting…

A friend sent me a post yesterday which was very much in line with what I shared yesterday about “THE LULL”.

The post breaks down in a wonderful slideshow 13 basic rules for successful business highlighted from a book called ReWork by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (2 of the founders of 37signals a successful software company).

“Yeah, yeah… More business tips from people with an agenda to sell a book.” was my initial thought. And I won’t bother sharing with you all of their wonderful points, because (a) I’m not a businessman (I’m a business MAN – just kidding (sorry for the pop culture reference I couldn’t resist)), and (b) I don’t wish to plagiarize. Here’s the last of the 13 points that caught my eye:

Inspiration is Perishable

The basic premise is to acknowledge the difference between ideas and inspiration. Ideas can last a lifetime, but inspiration is fleeting. The authors say that once the inspiration is lost, it’s hard to try and get the motivation back again. Make moves today, and the momentum will work in your favour.

Oil it up

Erwin Macmanus in his book “Wide Awake” says of the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-12) that the parable teaches us to not only value life, but to always be prepared, for “Preparation is the beginning of the creative process”. The five virgins who came to the bridegroom without sufficient oil missed their opportunity to meet him. Although the context speaks more about the return of Christ, and us as the Church being prepared for it, we can also read into it as individuals being prepared to give an account for the massive selfless dreams that God has installed in our hearts from birth. Preparation for the uninspired times are like the “oil”.

Driving forward, looking around

As you move forward in inspiration, I think that it is vital to appreciate and reflect on the things around you. The people around you – family, friends, those who are in need. The things that you have been fortunate to receive. Celebrate from where you’ve been, and where you are. It assists like pumping gas for where you’re going.

Have you got enough gas for tomorrow?


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