I am a part of a creative think tank group called KREE8 – it’s a group of minds that come together to discuss and pray through the creative process in our various fields and industries, seeing excellence and groundbreaking innovation as the best ways to fulfil life’s purpose and assist others to find theirs!

Today in Kree8 we talked about the LULL, that ever haunting period of time between the initial inspiration and drive to the manifestation of the dream. Runners call it “the wall”, others call it “the valley”. We at KREE8 call it “THE LULL”

We listed down a few points that we thought may be beneficial – and since this is my first blog post here (as a response to the LULL in my own regularity in personal writing), I decided to present this as an opening blog on my new NELIATIGA.WORDPRESS.COM account.

I dedicate this post to all those who put the PRO in PROCRASTINATION…


I quoted from Matthew 14 when Jesus was looking for time of solace after hearing about John the Baptiser’s beheading. The sick followed him and he turned in compassion and healed them. After feeding the crowd including 5000 men, he then went to be alone with the Father. What does that say about us?


Two of my friends at our KREE8 shared about former colleagues taking time off to travel – saving their leave accrued for lengthy getaways, for refreshing and for inspiration. One of my friends shared a blog with wonderful ideas in overcoming creative block – one of the ideas being to work hard one year, and travel the entire following year. Oh the ideals!


Another friend shared how meeting people stretches him and keeps him inspired, seeing different peoples points of view, and also being refreshed in meeting up with people he hasn’t seen for a while… That brought a fresh perspective.


This is something I’m personally guilty of not doing. I do journal, but I wait for inspiration. This is a discipline that is needed for lasting creativity despite a lull. Setting a relatively low bar for the amount of work you do minimally daily towards your own dreams at least allows for you to get past the hardest part. Getting started. Usually when you are inspired, you go beyond way the minimum! Every match needs that initial bit of friction to be lit!


It’s a part of every creative process. With every PROMISE of God comes the PROCESS, the PROBLEM before the PROVISION… Make deposits in your inspired days for those rainy days (or more aptly – those DESERT days).


Even if only one part of your design/song/piece of work is inspired, if you have to, attempt to force the rest to provide a greater vantage point for future reference. Then leave a note saying which parts were inspired, so that when you come back to it, you’ll be able to see clearer the unfinished idea in the backdrop of a context. Who knows, afterwards you may like the context, and decide to keep it!


So when is keeping resources for later use wise, and when is it hoarding? The answer, I believe at least, is in this statement – It is one thing to say you’re keeping things for future reference, it’s another thing to come to that point of future reference and not be able to find it. TRY TO STAY ORGANISED and run a disciplined race. If you don’t need it, chuck it…

how do you overcome the lull in your creative process?


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